Welcome to the DeLush Bazaar resale boutique online Pop-up Shop! It's time for us to share our best kept secret
with you!
Over the years we have utilized the great wardrobe pieces from DeLush Bazaar on the models that we worked
with for our fashion editorials and we also utilized their wardrobe to help clients build and update their closets
with quality designer items at astronomical savings and now it is your turn! In collaboration with DeLush
Bazaar we aim to simplify the process of shopping through educating you on how to shop thrifty and save loads
of money on quality designer items so that you can always look your best no matter your budget.
The resale boutique community has grown over the past decade in response to the recession and there are plenty
of new clients jumping on the bandwagon as the perfect solution to our need for "shopping therapy" as we have
to become more creative with total household budgeting for the whole family!
We welcome you to join our fashion community and catch fabulous finds and read blog posts and articles on our
latest editorial projects and shopping events as we travel with the DeLush Bazaar boutique to major cities for
expos and private shopping parties!
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Stay tuned as we explain
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ways the DeLush Bazaar
can work for you!!!