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freelance make-up services:

kikeara provides make-up application services to clients in need of a polished look for their special events... from weddings to
business functions, a romantic dinner, an interview, or a night out with the girls....kikeara artists will give you that special
treatment and attention that you deserve.

no longer will you have to go to the cosmetic counter to ask a salesperson for advice or have them attempt in the middle of
sales transactions to perform a make-up application on your face. There is no sales quota to meet with kikeara which in turn
leaves us open to be honest and sincere with our intentions as opposed to pushing a product off on you that isn't made for you
in order to make the sales goal for that particular day.
basic face beat - $45

eye's only - $25

formal beat -$65

photo ready beat -  $65 & up

prom beat - $45

personal beat lesson - $65
p/hr (2 hr min.)

professional beat session
with model - $125 per session
-high glam/formal
-photo ready

lashes -  $7 strips
makeup services
when booking  kikeara makeup artist
services for a fashion show or a hair
show there is a $65 booking fee to
lock in the event date and to cover
the consultation.

at the consultation the artist or artists
will present portfolio work as well as
take notes on what your needs are for
your event. after the consultation
there will be a contract drawn up to
be signed that will state the arrival
time and the exact cost per model
for the event.
fashion shows/hair shows- $65
booking fee & $18-$45 per model
includes lash option/ face bling/
face art
(5 model minimum)
face parties- $50 booking fee & $55 per face lash option
included (5 guest minimum) drawing included
when booking kikeara makeup artists services  for a face party with you and your closest
friends there is a $50 booking fee to lock in the party date and to cover the planning meeting.

at the planning meeting the kikeara artist/assistant will help the hostess decide the specifics  
of the party and soon after the contract is to be drawn up to be signed that will state the
arrival time and any incentives for that particular party event.
let our creative artists teach
YOU how to apply your own
makeup like a professional! our
lessons are easy, fun and
affordable! one on one or grab
some girlfriends and let's get
photo sessions
make up application for photo shoots we charge by the day or half
day. Fees start at  $175 and *up for a half day (up to 4.5 hrs) and $315
and *up for a full day (up to 9 hrs) .
*kit fee and/or travel fee may apply