kikeara model coaching

It is our job to "polish" you as a model. We fine tune your skills, assure that you are
marketable with a better understanding of the industry and it's functions.
Understanding the history and the future is just as important as what is trending
right now in fashion/industry.

Agencies send your models to us! While we increase their pose and expression
skills with detailed technical art direction and training during their full service shoot
the concepts that we add to their portfolio will help them to acquire more paid
If you are an aspiring model we provide coaching services in the form of
workshops and one on one individual sessions to help you learn skills
through experience and get a better understanding of the business of

Within the KiKeara model coaching program you will get hands on training
on several levels of posing and expression for photo shoots, runway
training as well as all of the mechanics of the business of modeling all the
while also having access to the latest in fashion industry news, learning
label and designers past, present and future, health and nutrition, dental
hygiene, speech and diction and more.

There is a backstage etiquette that is now missing as of lately, an unspoken
set of rules when interacting with designers and as a model adhering to
protocol backstage and learning casting call preparation and proper
submission procedures can make the difference in your chances of getting
noticed. will also have the opportunity to do test shoots
and special project assignments as well as the option of
a mini-portfolio posting within our website, your own
KiKeara email address so that you can keep all industry
correspondence organized and stay on top of your
business so to never miss an opportunity!!!

KiKeara Image Group collaborates with local modeling and talent agencies offering special pricing to help models build their portfolios by adding professional high fashion concepts.

When modeling agencies book their models to get portfolio work we offer our full service shoots at discount pricing.

Our full service shoots include professional hair, makeup, wardrobe/wardrobe styling, pose coaching and editing!

The benefits don't stop there, we also offer exposure for your agency on our website via banner ads and links!

If you are an agency looking to take your models portfolios to the next level contact us now!
With our model coaching services
you will learn

  • basic makeup application
  • how to self submit and market yourself
  • casting call/go-see preparation &
  • speech and diction
  • resume building
  • Mock commercial training
  • how to find a reputable agency
  • what to expect from your agency
  • runway training
  • concept development
  • the importance of art direction
  • pose coaching and more!
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If you are trying to pursue modeling and
you are not sure where to begin or need
help with technique, portfolio work or the
ins and outs of the us!